Federal Class Action USA

1.Have you reported your child’s disclosures of harm or abuse to a Family Court?

2.Has the Judge ignored the evidence and made an order placing your child in the custody of the abusive or harmful parent?

3. Has the Judge refused to order supervised access after you reported disclosures?

4. Has your child or have your children continued to disclose that they are being harmed, neglected or abused and do you have evidence in the form of doctor’s, police and psychological reports?

5. Has the Judge or Family Court reacted to your reports of harm or abuse with a punitive order or orders that involved inputing a salary to you, making you pay child support or making you pay for supervised access?

6.  Have you suffered extreme financial hardship, psychological trauma and physical illness as a result of being denied access to justice in Family Court?

7.  Has your child or have your children suffered a serious injury, whether psychological or physical, after being court-ordered to be in the custody of or have unsupervised access.

8.  Have you lost a child at the hands of the abusive parent after reporting evidence of harm?

If you can answer at least 5 of these questions, then you qualify to join a Federal Class Action in Canada and in the United States.

Please email us in confidence at viewsofthechild@gmail.com for more information.


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