MCFD to Deny Christmas Gifts to Children in Care?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Response To The Ministry Of Child And Family Development’s Statement Regarding Gifts For Children


Yesterday, in response to detailed information I received from a reader about a potential change to a longstanding practice at the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD), I asked the following question of the Minister responsible and/or her boss:

Question #1: Have social workers in the MCFD been told they are not allowed to purchase Christmas gifts for the children and youth in government care? 

After a whole lot of follow-up, including Yaila Yuile’s direct enquiries, the Ministry released a statement that began like this:

“Any claim that the ministry will not be supplying Christmas gifts for children in care is absolutely inaccurate and it is very concerning that this erroneous message was sent to a client. In fact, social workers are encouraged to ensure every child and youth in care receives gifts during the holiday season…”


Notice that this did not answer my question.


Because, while ‘encouragement’ can be very helpful when there is another willing adult in the child’s life it is not the same as allowing the social workers to actually purchase a gift for the child if there is no such willing adult.


What about Part 2 of the Ministry’s response:

“…Funding to cover gifts for children and youth in care is built-in to monthly payments the ministry sends to foster parents…”


This is strange because, based on the detailed information I received from my reader, I made it very clear that we were EXCLUDING kids in Foster care when we asked our question.

So, how about the third and final part of the Ministry’s response:

“…For children and youth living independently or on Youth Agreements, ministry staff are authorized and encouraged to ensure those young people are remembered over the holidays and gifts are provided.”


There’s that term ‘encouraged’ again. But, to be fair, there is also the term ‘authorized’.

But here’s the thing…..

The term ‘social worker’ (ie. the front-line folks I asked about specifically in my question) is no longer there for kids who are not in Foster care. Instead, the new term that has been inserted is ‘Ministry Staff’.


Now, why does any of this matter?

Because in many cases it is the front-line social workers who are able to build a direct adult relationship with those kids who are not in Foster care.

Thus, in my opinion they (i.e. the social workers) should be the ones making the purchases and giving the gifts.

And please remember, originally this was all raised in the context of budget-cutting in the MCFD given the government’s other spending priorities at the moment


Interestingly, there has been a bit of a backlash, particularly on Twitter, about the fact I first asked this question (as well as a direct follow-up question as well that you can find in the original post, here) and others, including Ian Reid, Norm Farrell, Paul Willcocks, NVG and Laila then commented on it.


Well, as near as I can figure it, it is all being dismissed as ‘irresponsible’ blogger blather.

But here’s the thing…

My reader is not the only person who has brought up this matter to the fore.

Specifically, a second source sent Laila an Email that corroborates what my reader had to say.

The text of that Email, with identifying addresses, etc., removed, goes like this:


Sent: December-03-12 3:03 PM


Please be advised that due to cutbacks, MCFD will not be supplying Christmas gifts for children in care.

As parents and extended family, you are still expected to provide a gift for your child if you wish to do so.

Thank you.

XXXXXXX XXXXXXX Child Protection Social Worker

Ministry of Children and Family Development “

So, in the face of material, some of it written, from two independent sources, is it still irresponsible to continue to ask the original question?


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Ministry Of Child And Family Development Responds…

Update: See Laila Yuile’s HuffPo piece….Here.


Laila Yuile has received a response to the Ministry that obliquely answers, for the record, Question #1 from our previous post.

The statement goes like this:

“Any claim that the ministry will not be supplying Christmas gifts for children in care is absolutely inaccurate and it is very concerning that this erroneous message was sent to a client. In fact, social workers are encouraged to ensure every child and youth in care receives gifts during the holiday season.
Funding to cover gifts for children and youth in care is built-in to monthly payments the ministry sends to foster parents. For children and youth living independently or on Youth Agreements, ministry staff are authorized and encouraged to ensure those young people are remembered over the holidays and gifts are provided.”

For context, here is our original question #1:

Question #1: Have social workers in the MCFD been told they are not allowed to purchase Christmas gifts for the children and youth in government care? 


Now, as I said, the Ministry’s statement was an oblique answer.

In the extreme.

Regardless, taken at face value it would appear to be case closed, right?

Except for the following…

I had a source that I used for my original post.

And Laila has one as well.

A source I mean, with evidence in writing.

The information from both sources is at odds with the Ministry’s statement of today.

I suggest you stay tuned to Laila for further developments (sorry have to go off to work for a few hours).

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Riverside Superior Court Develops a New Standard for the FIT Parent.

Riverside Superior Court Develops a New Standard for the FIT Parent..

Anyone experiencing this corrupt action in family court, please contact me with your case materials. We intend to proceed with a Federal Class Action in both the USA and Canada in order to hold the Attorneys General responsible for decisions made concerning the rights of children and families, especially those of protective parents and children who disclose that they are being harmed.

Lee Strong, Views of the Child Society

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Call for the Resignation of Judge Michael J. Algeo regarding the murder of Prince Mcleod Rams

Dear Judge Michael J. Algeo…

NOVEMBER 9, 2012 BY  

Dear Judge Algeo,

You may not remember me,  but I will remember you for the rest of my life.  I am Prince’s mother.  The Prince who died on October 20, 2012.  The Prince who died on just his fourth court ordered unsupervised visit with his father.

In case you still don’t remember me, I would like to take a moment to remind you.  I was the woman who came into your court room in March of 2012 (and again in July 2012) begging you to keep my son safe from his father.  You heard testimony from several women Luc had abused.  I told you about how I had fled Luc’s house in July 2011 with my newborn son and the clothing on our backs – that was after Luc had raped my then 19 year old sister.  You heard testimony about all the people who died around Luc (including the mother of his older son and his own mother)  All the horrifying information we presented, however, was still not enough for you to choose to keep my son safe.

I watched my son’s body slowly shut down for nearly two days as I waited for the doctors to officially declare him brain dead.  As I watched my innocent baby boy die, I thought about you.  I remembered how you told us you hated Family Court.  I remembered how you blamed me for falling in love with a con man.  I remembered how you talked about fairy dust and how you explained that my son would need to come home with cigarette burns before you would believe Luc was abusive.  I remember how you rolled your eyes, appeared to fall asleep on the bench, and openned up your computer as if to read your email – you did all of this as I pleaded with you to keep visitations supervised.

I am now a mother without a child. My heart breaks every time I think about all the things my son will never do.  You never got to meet Prince, but your decisions made a significant impact in his life.  My son loved books.  He loved to smile, to laugh, and was just starting to run.  The week he died, he just started to say “ball”.  It was his first official word after “Mama”.
Do you have children Judge Algeo?  Grandchildren?  You told us that you made your Custody decision based on what you would do if he was your child.  Would you have given your children to Luc in an unsupervised setting knowing what you knew about him?  Would you have taken a closer look at that psychological evaluation or maybe appointed a psychologist to conduct the test if it had been your child?  Would you have forced YOUR daughter to send her child to this man as punishment for having been lied to?

One of the hardest things for me to deal with is that I will never again have the chance to protect my son.  Nothing I can do will bring him back to life.  I can’t stop thinking about how my life would be different if I hadn’t trusted you – if I had fled the country – if I had simply refused to comply with the court order.

I will never get the opportunity to have a talk with my son.  I will never see him have his first day of school.  I will never see him graduate from High School and from College.  I will never dance with him on his wedding day or hear him say, “I love you Mama.”
You said you hated Family Court – it showed.  I hope you understand the incredible power you have and with that power – the unparalleled responsibility.  If my son losing his life had little or no impact on your future decisions, I pray that you resign.  If you still find yourself rolling your eyes in frustration and looking upon parents who sit before you with distain, I pray for those parents who have no choice but to sit before you.
If the laws are not designed to protect children, then they need to be changed.  In my son’s case, it appears as though death was the only threshold for denial of visitation.  I knew how bad this could get.  I told you how bad this could get.  You didn’t believe me.  Hundreds of scorned women must come through your court room.  Maybe this has jaded or clouded your ability to see the truth.  I was not scorned.  I was afraid.  I was a mother trying to protect her only child.  How terribly sad it is that you have become so jaded that when a mother comes to you pleading for your help, you dismiss her concerns as merely those of a scorned woman.  Prince deserved better.  He deserved to live just as your own child would have.
I have spent my entire career working to protect our country – to protect America.  I wake up each day and fight for America – and fight for the freedoms you enjoy.  I hope and pray that despite the system’s failure, I can continue to take my job as seriously as you should have taken yours.  It was your job to protect my son’s basic human civil right to life.  All the evidence was before you.  All that was asked of you was to be cautious.  You held the life of an innocent child in your hands – the life of my child.
You will forget me Judge Algeo.  Of that, I am fairly certain.  I will, however, never forget you.
Hera McLeod (Prince’s Mama)
Please sign the petition that the Views of the Child Society started on behalf of Hera Mcleod
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Call for Resignation of Judge Michael J. Algeo, Montgomery County, MD

Judge Michael J. Algeo, Montgomery County, MD: Call for Resignation

Petitioning Judge Michael J. Algeo 

Judge Michael J. Algeo, Montgomery County, MD: Call for Resignation


On October 20, 2012, 15-month old Prince Mcleod Rams died as a result of injuries sustained during a court-ordered unsupervised access visit with Luc Rams, his biological father, a man currently under investigation for this incident and other murders. Despite the pleadings of the mother, Hera Mcleod, a devoted US patriot and public servant, Judge Algeo chose to disregard the evidence at hand and instead, placed this minor in grave danger. Judge Algeo and Judges who disregard evidence and make orders based on their biased opinions abdicate their role as parens patrie. Read the details below and please support our petition so that this tragedy does not happen again. Thank you, Lee Strong – Views of the Child Society, Canada

Judge Michael J. Algeo, Hon. Michael J. Algeo, Montgomery County, MD 
For the Attention of the Attorney General of Maryland in the matter regarding the death of the infant Prince Mcleod Rams of Montgomery Country, MD.

Dear Sir,
We hereby request that you investigate the conduct of Judge Michael J. Algeo and his failure to make a protective order ensuring the safety and security of the minor child.
We look to the Court and Judicial Officials for guidance and protection from harm, manipulation and corruption. Please restore our faith in the judicial system in Maryland by replacing Judge Algeo with a Court Official who respects the law of evidence in favor of their own personal opinion.

[Your name]

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Children and Youth in British Columbia Need a Funded Legal Representation Program

Children and Youth in British Columbia, Canada, are being denied access to justice in family cases.  I wonder how the laws regarding children in Canada can differ so vastly between provinces – why is there such a national Federal dis-connect with Canada’s most precious assets?

As the Representative for Children and Youth, Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond says so eloquently in her recent report to Geoffrey D. Cowper, Q.C. and head of BC’s Justice Reform Initiative:

“One important area of the justice system that my office is currently reviewing concerns the rights of children to be represented by legal counsel in situations where their interests are affected. Apart from a few specific areas where arguments might be advanced for a constitutional right to State funded counsel, there is presently no systematic provision for legal representation for children in British Columbia. Other provinces have addressed this issue in different ways. Legal representation for children is provided in Alberta through a specifically funded Legal Representation for Children and Youth program. Ontario maintains a Children’s Lawyer program. I submit that principles of fairness are undermined when vulnerable children do not have access to legal counsel in matters that affect them, to ensure that their rights and best interests are protected.”

If the government of British Columbia isn’t prepared to protect our children and offer them legal representation, then we, the people, will do it.  Please support the Views of the Child Society so that we can institute provincial funding for legal representation for our children and youth.

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BC Government Committed to Supporting Children and Families?

Press release from BC Ministry of Children and Family Development March 01, 2012 12:00 PM Updated: March 01, 2012 12:30 PM VICTORIA –

Minister of Children and Family Development Mary McNeil made the following statement on behalf of the B.C. government, Canada,  in response to the Representative for Children and Youth’s report released today, Honouring Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon: Make Their Voices Heard Now.

“This case is an unimaginable tragedy and my sympathies, condolences and apology go out to the family of these children. What this family has endured is beyond what anyone can possibly fathom. To that end, any supports or services we can provide, including under our Criminal Victim Assistance Programs, are and will be made available to assist this family. “In reading this report, it is clear that much more must be done to improve the system of supports for families dealing with complex issues like domestic violence and mental illness. There also needs to be greater focus on integrating and co-ordinating the system of supports. “The Representative’s report urges the government to take further steps to demonstrate accountability and leadership in the area of domestic violence.

We are acting immediately to establish a Domestic Violence Unit under the Ministry of Children and Family Development — reporting to the Deputy Minister — that will be accountable for delivering a comprehensive, co- ordinated action plan to strengthen supports to children and families who are impacted by domestic violence. “This unit will be permanent to ensure continued leadership and accountability on this important issue. The Domestic Violence Unit’s immediate role will be to work with a newly formed deputy ministers’ committee – comprised of deputies from the ministries of Children and Family Development, Justice, Health, Social Development and Education – to develop an inventory of cross government services and resources. It will identify where there are gaps and develop an action plan that addresses the recommendations in the Representative’s report. “The action plan will be outcomes-based and include targets and timeframes.

It will be developed in close consultation with the Representative and be presented to her on July 31, 2012, with work to begin immediately thereafter. “Government is committed to ensuring that we act quickly and effectively in developing a seamless approach that will provide children and families with the supports they need.”

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Justice is not blind, after all!

‎”In my respectful view all children in Canada have legal rights to be heard in all matters affecting them, including custody cases. Decisions should not be made without ensuring that those legal rights have been considered. These legal rights are based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (“the Convention”), and Canadian domestic law.” Madam Justice D. Martinson, YKSC B.J.G. v. D.L.G., 2010 YKSC 44  

On November 24, 2011, Bill 16, The Family Law Act of British Columbia, received Royal Assent and was legislated into Parliament.
Bill 16 allows children and youth to have their views considered in a Family Court and further promotes the best interests of the child as paramount in all matters concerning the child.

Currently, Bill 16 is written law, and it shall remain so – words on paper – unless we do everything in our respective power to ensure it’s implementation in Family Court, in the Legal Community, the Law Enforcement Community and in all environments where Child and Youth Rights should be a consideration.

As Her Ladyship states above, “Decisions should not be made without ensuring that those legal rights have been considered.”

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Crisis In The Family Courts

Compiled by Trish Wilson, © 2005 All rights reserved by author

May 8, 2005: PETITION: PLEASE DISTRIBUTE FAR AND WIDE TO GET AS MANY SIGNATURES AS POSSIBLE TODAY. We are presenting this petition to the New York Matrimonial Commission tomorrow.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Petition to free Genia Shockome from the Duchess County, NY jail and to stay the judgement rendered by Judge Damian J. Amodeo on May 5, 2005 allowing the removal of her children from the State of New York is now active and online to be signed by as many people as possible.
Thank you.
Liliane Heller Miller
Co-Founder and Vice Chair
Battered Mother’s Custody Conference

May 7, 2005

Stop Family Violence – Irene Weiser
607-539-6856 / 607-435-3010 (cell)

Barry Goldstein Esq.
914-968-0922 (w) / 914-643-3142 (cell)


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Ontario Provincial Police and RCMP Make Biggest Bust on Child Predators in Canadian History! Staff

Date: Thu. Feb. 2 2012 6:02 PM ET

Sixty people, including three teenagers, face child pornography charges in what the Ontario Provincial Police said is the largest bust of its kind in Canadian history.

The OPP said Thursday more than 200 charges were laid against the suspects from across the province. One suspect is also under arrest in the United States.

The charges include sexual assault, child luring, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and accessing child pornography.

In total 76 search warrants were executed by 24 police departments, resulting in 213 charges.

OPP Acting Commissioner Scott Tod issued an ominous warning to other offenders during a news conference in Vaughan, Ont.

“It’s socially unacceptable and these people know it’s socially unacceptable. It’s their deepest, darkest secret so they should be expecting a knock on the door.”

Police said the suspects in the latest bust, ranging from 16 years old to 69 years old, came from all walks of life, including a child care worker and a Montessori school teacher. Additional arrests are pending.

Canada’s public safety minister congratulated Ontario police on the massive bust on Thursday, saying it was a significant strike against a fast-growing problem.

“On this particular case I am very pleased that the investigation went as well as it did,” Vic Toews told CTV’s Power Play.

“It is very worrisome to note that this is one of the largest-growing areas of crime. We need to, in fact, give our police some additional resources in order for them to be able to keep up with technology. That has become a real challenge for the police.”

Toews said Canada needed better laws to govern online crimes, and said the government was committed to introducing “lawful access” legislation that would let police track individuals who access child pornography online.

The legislation would require Internet service providers to leave a “back door” for police to access after they have obtained a legal warrant.

“Right now there are mechanisms by which these pornographers and organized crime can avoid being detected, simply because of the technology,” Toews said.

Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has said there are serious concerns about legislation that would grant police such surveillance powers. An association of Canadian police chiefs, however, said there is currently a gap in their ability to track organized crime.

Twenty-two victims identified

Included in Thursday’s arrests are 15 men from the Greater Toronto Area, five from Ottawa, five from Hamilton, five from Ottawa, four from Windsor, three from Sudbury and three from the Niagara Region.

A 16-year-old from Niagara Falls faces one count of making child pornography and an additional count of possessing child pornography.

Members of the provincial strategy to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation on the internet were involved in the sweep along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“The provincial strategy to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation on the Internet has worked collectively to identify a large number of people who have been preying on the most vulnerable people in society; that is our children,” said Tod.

Police said 22 victims have been identified but expect more to come forward in the future.

Since August 2006 there have been 16,131 investigations conducted by the Provincial Strategy partners and OPP Child Sexual Exploitation Unit resulting in 5,837 charges against 1,867 people.

Vaughan MP Julian Fantino, a former OPP commissioner, congratulated the force on the bust on Thursday, calling it a significant operation that helped ensure the safety of Ontarians.

“They are once again demonstrating results in making our families and communities safer,” Fantino said in a statement. “Our government continues to take important action to ensure the most vulnerable in our society are protected.”

Read more:

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